About us

Kerstens is a multidisciplinary design studio with a clear vision on architecture, interior- , furniture and product design. The studio was founded by Andy Kerstens in 2015 and is based in Antwerp, Belgium. Andy graduated in 2015 as a Master of Science in Interior Architecture at the University of Antwerp. With the preparatory trajectory, in 2013 he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design at the Thomas More College in Mechelen.

“Our thorough design language focusses on a refined, timeless and architectural approach, with a desire for craftsmanship and affinity for the atmospheric qualities. We strive for purified, yet detailed and consistent designs, combined with rich natural materials for a warm and sober ambiance. The dialogue between interior design, unique objects, collectible design, intriguing art and tactile materialization results in contrast to a larger architectural whole and leads to a deeper human emotion. Our work exudes a certain serenity, resulting in a merely monochrome and timeless signature, combined with a touch of understated luxury.

Each assignment is unique and analyzed extensively to obtain a balanced basis for the concept and its further elaboration. Research into the program, use, context, architectural whole, layout and proportion, light and space, and materialization are indispensable for the process. Our vision is to create complete projects where every element, till the last details are devised to become a harmonious design. This is applicable on all scales and types of projects, being it a full residential interior design, a piece of furniture or a more corporate office or retail space.”

Andy Kerstens

Owner and interior architect.
Graduated in 2015 at the University of Antwerp.

Ester Deriemaeker

Interior architect.
Graduated in 2015 at the University of Antwerp.

Robert Szanto

Interior designer.
Graduated in 2020 at the Thomas More College of Mechelen.

Benjamin Slosse

Operations manager.
Graduated in 2012 at the University of Antwerp.


Our team consists of ambitious, all-round designers with an intense longing to create and to achieve. The small, yet determined, team ensures a personal approach and close involvement of all projects.


Spontaneous applications

We are always intrigued by meeting motivated and talented people with a passion for interior, architecture, furniture - and product design. We will be pleased receiving your portfolio, even if there are no open positions. Please include a cover letter, detailed CV and portfolio in your application. Please mind that all documents should be in Dutch or fluent English.

Applications are accepted via post or email.


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